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Hora SmrkBerg SmrkGóra Smrek (Smrk)

Mountain Smrk

The highest mountain of the czech part of Jizera mountains (1124). On its slopes the river Jizera springs. In history here was a border of three dominations - Czech. Lusatian and Silesia. On the top of Smrk there was to the year 1945 chalet with a view-tover. The new view-tower was built on the same place in the year 2003. It is metal and 20m high. If the wether is good, you can see to distance about 150km.

Mountain Smrk

  Accommodation Bílý Potok
4 km
  Accommodation Lázně Libverda
5 km
  Accommodation Nové Město pod Smrkem
5 km